What should I practice?

Once you are in Mysore and looking for learning yoga, you will be very motivated to practice as you will find many co practitioners who are also practicing with the same intention of development. By this, you are entering a bubble of yogic intention and you may not be able to analyze your personal capacity while practicing because the influence of the co practitioners will be so motivating that you may ignore some of your pre practice history.  

It is always better to consider your practice capacity and the routine which you have been maintaining throughout these years before reaching us. 

Before you decide upon what type of course you want to choose among all the courses which prana vashya yoga shala has to offer, we assure you the maximum benefit out of it depending upon the intention behind the course.

If a practitioner even considers taking one practice or three practices a day, he/she will be ensured with the saturated experience before the completion of the course at our shala. If you are a beginner and have never practice yoga before, you should consider our morning sequence practice as an option. This will help you to learn about the various fundamentals and basics related to yoga practice.

If you have been practicing yoga for a while and you are used to practicing at least five hours in a week then you can consider taking up both the asana practices which our shala has to offer, so that your spine can get accustomed to it and slowly gets stronger during your practice. 

Pranayama can be considered as a common supportive approach to all practices which you consider learning. Pranayama helps getting a better impression and understanding about yoga general and about your own capacity in particular