john walker - U.S.A, China

I  studied with Vinay when he had first opened his yoga shala back in 2007. At the time, I was blown away by not only his system, but by his own personal practice and dedication to his art. In 2009, I returned to take his teacher training and much to my pleasure, Vinay was an even better teacher than when I first met him. To be allowed insight to the depth of his teachings and knowledge was truly a gift. I came away with an understanding not only of how to teach Prana Vashya, but most importantly the dedication and committment it takes to be a "yogi". It's one of the most challenging things i have done, both physically and mentally. I once again  had breakthroughs in my asana practice, but more importantly, in my understanding of how to teach and observe others.  The personal attention and encouragement Vinay gives each of his students was one of the qualities that initially stood out for me. During the teacher training much of the time was spent 1 on 1 with Vinay. I don't believe you will find anything close to that in any other teacher training.  Yoga has become more of a business than a lifestyle these days. Its increasingly more difficult to find teachers who truly embody what they teach,and I am happy to say i got study with someone who does. Thank you Vinay

Duangta Manomas - Bangkok, Thailand

I always mention Vinay Kumar as "Teacher". He is a real teacher who has a profound knowledge of Yoga.

After joining the back bending class with him one month, I was very surprise about the improvement of my back bend and flexibility. I never thought I am a flexible person until I joined his class. By his guide, I could reach my limit and understood my body very well. I got a lot of improvement on my practice from his Pranavashya and back bending class. I can say that the way which he taught in his class is the best way that the practitioner can practice on their own pace with the good awareness.

I joined his classes almost six months. I dare say that Vinay Kumar classes were the eye opening to me to the yoga. His Teacher Training Course is very sufficient course. I learnt a lot of yoga knowledge from his TTC. He always has a clear explanation for every question and always gives me the good suggestion for every problem which I got from my own classes. For me, Vinay Kumar is a great teacher who taught and supported me many things. I don't think I can get these supports from the other teacher.

John Walker

It was pleasure and an honor to have an opportunity to study with Vinay. I found his teaching methods and sequencing thorough, innovative, and intelligent. As more and more people start practicing yoga, proportionately more and more teachers are trying to make a name for themselves with "their systems/ their styles". Almost as if they are trying to reinvent the wheel and in the process losing the integrity and compromising the value of yoga. That is why it was refreshing to find a teacher who was able to put his unique perspective and originality on a series "New Mysore Style" without compromising the essence of yoga. I believe he was able to do that, because he practices what he preaches. I was inspired when I heard that Vinay begins his personal practice each day at 2am while continuing a full teaching schedule. He is true example for aspiring teachers to maintain their work ethic and personal practice!. As far as my progress was concerned, I took both his vinyasa class and the backbending class. While I was only there for a month my posture improved more during then time than the previous 4 years of study put together. Simply put, the backbending class was amazing! It challenged me on so many levels emotionally and physically. I was able to do poses I never thought I would do, or thought were impossible. There again, I give all credit to Vinay and his motivation, confidence, and belief in the student. So now I am 6 months removed from my training with Vinay and while I had to take a little break from asana practice due to unrelated injuries, I am now back to practicing and sharing yoga and have been pleasantly surprised to find out that I still have the flexibility I acquired while with Vinay, . Thank you Vinay, And I look forward to continuing my studies with you soon Sincerely, John Walker During this time he began to push the envelope and experiment with different applications and after a few years Vinay discovered that he had actually developed a dynamic new form of yoga he was later to call Prana Vashya Yoga. This was all before he was even twenty years old!

Suzanna Hurst - Stratford-upon-Avon, U.K

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time practicing with Vinay and learning his series. He is a fountain of knowledge and most willing to share it and happy to answer any questions regarding the practice whenever they arise.

I have been practicing Hatha and Ashtanga vinyasa for four years. I came to Vinay a little broken and weak after two months of solid Ashtanga practice. Not only has my body healed itself through his therapeutic kind of yoga and breath control, but it has also considerably improved in flexibility. In addition, I have twice as much energy as before, despite Mysore being hot as a furnace right now!

I have been most impressed by Vinay's depth of knowledge, which clearly comes from a regular and sincere self-practice and by the patience and care with which he teaches. He has an impressive ability to empathize with bodies and minds of all levels of strength and flexibility and to extract the maximum potential.

Vinay's classes are small, personally tailored, with a lot of personal attention. I also love that the environment is very calm and conducive to a focused, spiritual practice; totally unhurried. The breath is paramount at all times with a constant reminder of this fact.

His series, including his unique vinyasa system, is really quite incredible and I shall certainly be practicing it at home. I have had a great experience and am certainly looking forward to coming back as soon as possible."

Emma Law, Hong Kong.

"Dear Vinay,

When I first arrived Mysore, I was consumed with doubts and confusion as this is my first time to India and I really wondered whether I could achieve my goal to improve my overall flexibility and to learn what I wanted in your shala.

Time proved that I had made definitely the right choice. I had chosen a unique and all around training system which I may never have found anywhere else. You provided me full individual attention and I learnt from you two very important and useful things: the importance of alignment and the techniques to adjust various postures of different students. Your back bending exercises are so special and helpful that I am sure that anyone would be able to turn over a new leaf after working hard with those exercises.

I really wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience, guidance and support during my teacher's training. You are very supportive, understanding, encouraging and your work is so professional, that you need not be shy to claim setting the trend for the industry practice.

I also wish to thank you for making my days here so fruitful, memorable and enjoyable. Your classes run so well that your institution is more than a yoga shala. It is in fact a family with its own character; so warm, cheerful, positive in attitude, and I am so honored to have been one of your students."

Kirsti Bergersen - Oslo, Norway.

"I am in my sixties and have practiced Ashtanga yoga since 1992 and I was very surprised at the challenge Prana Vashya Yoga gave me. There is more variation in this style, twisting, back bending, and balance and though it was demanding for me, I found this program to be much better for my back. I practiced with Vinay for four weeks and was very surprised and impressed with the progress I made during that time.

To be honest, I was rather skeptical at first about taking classes from a twenty two year old thinking that he couldn't really understand the needs of someone my age and that he couldn't have much experience with teaching. I am pleased to say that I was wrong on both counts. Though he always had me practicing to my limit, I never felt that it was too much or that I would get injured. I have had many teachers over the years and I have to say that they don't come any better than Vinay. He is far more mature than his age would indicate and not only is he a superbly skilled and a knowledgeable teacher, but he is an exceptional human being who truly embodies what he teaches."

Dorian Rose - Boston, MA. USA

"I have been studying Ashtanga and Hatha yoga for six years and have been teaching for just under one year. I recently made my first trip to Mysore. Like so many other yoga students I was looking forward to training with some of the best known teachers India has to offer. After taking a few days to figure out who I would practice with my body made the decision for me. My knee had been a problem for years of dancing, and in fact injury is what lead me to yoga in the first place, but now a chronic problem became acute and I had to stop vinyasa practice altogether.

As "luck" would have it, my visit became about healing. After a few weeks I started a home practice to slowly work back into a more vigorous practice. I was still protective of my knee and knew a full-out practice was for the moment out of the question. I could practice at "home" in my apartment in Mysore, working with my injury in order to be safe. At this point, however, I was really looking for a teacher to practice with for my last two weeks in Mysore; someone who could safely help me challenge me to work deeper and move past my perceived limitations.

A friend told me of a teacher named Vinay, who for the time being anyway, is the best kept secret of Mysore yoga. He told me that though he was only twenty two years old, he had won more awards and competitions for yoga by far than anyone else in all of India, but more importantly, was an exceptionally humble and gifted teacher. I of course was interested in meeting him.

I met Vinay before training with him and the first thing I noticed was the gentleness and humility of his spirit. He speaks quietly and listens intently with deep focus and understanding. He makes no presumptions but is attentive to make sure he understands any question that is asked so that he can give a complete, comprehensible answer. He brings this same intense focus and understanding to his teaching; disciplined yet warm and approachable.

As I began practicing Vinay's Prana Vashya vinyasa with him, I was still protective of my knee injury and was a little reticent to do all that was asked of me. Vinay was both sensitive and understanding of this, yet led me to work through the poses more deeply and helped me open myself up to going to the next level while still working within my bodies needs. It was very inspiring! The sequence itself, along with the innovative sun salutations, works through body lines, strength and flexibility so thoroughly that it is apparent that Vinay is gifted not only in teaching but in understanding how sequencing affects the body. In his class I felt most connected to my breath and my capabilities, without rush or pressure.

Vinay is the kind of teacher one hopes to find in coming to Mysore. He has a profound knowledge of yoga and exhibits this by having a truly humble spirit and living what he teaches. He is gentle and open, constantly paying attention to the needs of students and adapting to each person's experience. I find this rare indeed; where he can stand strong on his own experience and knowledge yet teach without ego in order to help the student. It is clear that the practice comes first.

I highly recommend that anyone coming to Mysore for yoga should definitely check Vinay's Prana Vashya Yoga. The first class is free so there is nothing to lose and no commitment."

Rolf Goebels - Beijing China goebel.rol

"At thirty years of age I thought I was at the peak of my energy and was proud of my long marathon runs, long swims and bike rides. When my baby sister first mentioned yoga to me, I dismissed it as an "old people" kind of exercise.

She suggested that I try it and said she was quite sure I could not do it. I realized how stiff I was (also in my mind about yoga), so in 1992 I began with my first yoga mentor, Sukadev, who had just opened his own school in Germany. He had been with Shivananda since he was twenty one years old and now after twelve years with them, he decided that it was time to do something independent. This intense ten day course opened both my mind and eyes and I of course then realized the fantastic potential of yoga. Sukadev's aim was to have his students practice Kundalini yoga.

Later, I practiced some Iyengar yoga in the UK as well as Ashtanga yoga in Finland, but yoga didn't become the center of my interests as I was too busy traveling for work, eating and drinking with customers. When I moved to China in 2004, I decided to do something as I was getting fat and not feeling that well anymore. I joined Bikram yoga classes to sweat; something I did very well. I later started practicing Ashtanga yoga with Neil Barker as to me that was the most effective yoga.

I had never heard of Prana Vashya until I met Vinay's brother who just happened to be teaching yoga in Beijing where I live and work. Not long after, I decided to come to Mysore and take a three month course with Vinay, expecting to learn more about Ashtanga. To my surprise, Vinay showed me something totally new and I was shocked to find what bad shape I was still in

This was my first encounter with Prana Vashya Yoga and I had never ever thought that there was something more demanding than Ashtanga; but there it was. So after practicing for ten weeks, I feel like I have a new life and my youth back. The improvements I made with Vinay I never thought were possible in such a short time.

For anyone who is genuinely interested in truly understanding the meaning of yoga and a full walk on the edge of one's capabilities, I don't think there is any better way than through Prana Vashya Yoga."

"Marianne Jacuzzi"

After three months of yoga in Mysore, good fortune brought me to the classes of Vinay Kumar, yoga Mysore's best kept secret. I've only had five weeks with Vinay, but I must say it has transformed my practice.

As a confirmed Ashtangi practitioner and teacher, I was reluctant, to say the least, to try a different style. But a good friend raved so much about Vinay's teaching that I went along. It was the best decision I made for my yoga practice.

In Prana Vashya vinyasa, I discovered all the elements I loved so much in Ashtanga; the vinyasa flow, the breath and dristi, the meditative quality of self-practice, the stimulation of subtle energy. Because of the different type of vinyasa, my shoulders and wrists received a much needed rest and my hips and pelvis gained more flexibility. The series includes sixty postures, a beautiful and balanced sequence that develops strength and flexibility equally in the body. The sequence contains a natural logic. In just over a week, my body flowed with it...waves of moving meditation along with the challenge of some new and difficult poses. I was loving the practice.

But for me, the real magic happened in Vinay's flexibility class. It was hard, hard work, no doubt about it. But here I really experienced change, a structural change in my body along with the special gift of Vinay's teaching. Though I am quite flexible in many ways, back stiffness has always been a big obstacle in my practice. In this class, Vinay breaks down advanced poses, giving special flexibility exercises that build to the actual pose, all held for many breaths and repeated many times to open up the body. Though for me the focus was on back bending, for others it could be something quite different. Vinay works with people individually, helping them wherever they are stuck in their practice. Along with precise verbal instructions, he gives sensitive physical adjustments, always with great care and attention to the breath. I can hardly believe it, but I've only a few inches to go to touch my toes to my head in scorpion!!

"Srinivasa Rajan"

I take pleasure in identifying myself as a student of Vinay, one of the perfect souls I have ever come across. I have been acquainted with him for a very short span of just over 3 months. I had been learning Iyengar yoga before, while at school. But I had to discontinue the learning at one point. There was a huge gap of 7 long years before I met Vinay at the Infosys campus, Mysore. He cares a lot for each of his students, monitoring their progress individually, which is a real good thing that is rarely seen outside. His in-depth knowledge about the human body and the effects of yoga on it is spellbinding.

Though very young at age, he is one person who stands equivalent to stalwarts of yoga, like Yogacharya Sri B.K.S.Iyengar. The very facts that he is the only person in India to have won the most number of awards, and that he has introduced a new school of yoga (called the Pranavashya yoga) stand testimony to this.

Initially, the Pranavashya yoga posed a real tough challenge to me, given the fact that I had learnt yoga before. The concepts of "Vinyasa" and breath control are the key distinguishing features in this school of yoga, as I see it. However, constant practice, and Vinay's unwavering support and encouragement have enabled me to progress a little in this area. I feel very happy to have been learning yoga under a teacher like him. I hope to learn a lot more during the course.