Teachers training Course


Teacher Training programme: The Prana Vashya TTc is an 8 week’s course designed to help the practitioner to understand the intelligence behind the approach of Prana Vashya Yogasana series and the focus is to help them to explore and realize their best potential. Emphasis is given to the understanding of the importance of breath to accomplish a position with greater ease and to develop skills to handle varied levels of practitioners in different ways.

By the end of the course, the practitioner will be able to:

  • Appreciate the idea behind the various systems of asana practice.
  • Understand the importance of dynamic practice to bring out the positive and assured change in the practitioners while handling classes.
  • Understand the importance of asana sequencing to bring out the positive response in the breath
  • Handle any level of class with complete confidence and assured quality

Pranayama practice is considered to be a strong foundation for the Teacher trainee. Kriya sessions include Trataka, Jala neti, sutra neti and ksheera neti are provided along with the course.


Requirements for TTC:-

* The practitioners are expected to possess a minimum of 1 Year experience in Asana Practice.

* The practitioner should have basic knowledge about the anatomy of the body.

* The practitioner has to take up Primary series/Intensive course  for a minimum period of 1 month at Prana Vashya Yoga Shala, Mysore. OR the practitioner should possess a permission letter from any one among the Prana Vashya trained teachers listed below with their e mail address and country.

Name E-mail  
SIMON Tamás tamas.simon@qualysoft.com  
Damian Cadman-Jones damiancadmanjones@gmail.com  
Angela Santosa bewithyoga@gmail.com

www.bewithyoga.live ,studio Bodhana, Portals Nous, Mallorca, Spain.

Rebecca Stewart rebecca@surya-yoga.co.uk Liverpool Great Crosshall street L3 2AP.
Farida Ishak fish66.1997@gmail.com  
Marzia Sgro marzia.sgro@gmail.com

+39 338 9970 678


Rica Encarnacion rica.encarnacion@gmail.com Coco Grande Hotel, Dumaguete City, Philippines
Nivram Repooc nivram.yoga@gmail.com www.absoluteyou.com
Monica Cirtoli mon.cirtoli@gmail.com  
Mark Alderuccio markalderuccio@gmail.com  
Betty Watininat Khumtong  betty.nitade@gmail.com  
kori aihara kori1219@gmail.com  
Jana Mikšíčková info@yogamandala.cz yogamandala.cz
Christiane Schäffner christiane.schaeffner@chri-wo.de  
edie moran ediemoran@eircom.net  
stevan gill stevangill@hotmail.co.uk www.livetoyoga,com
David Forbes forbesdavid@fastmail.co.uk

Wave Brizian Jiu Jitsu Arch 197 Prebend Gardens London,

W6 0XT Tel:07411484779

Website: www.bootcampyoga.org or http://www.wavebjj.co/waveyoga

rachel karassarkissian rachelera2001@yahoo.fr +33 6 78 04 46 32 
Kateřina Fabiková katka.fabikova@fcr.cz  
Barbara Amrita amrita.barbara@gmail.com  
luca compare    
Jessica Moroni jessicamoroni6@gmail.com www.pranavashyayoga.wordpress.com
Naoki kionamikaramu@gmail.com  
Nanakha Olatunji  777bodyworks2001@gmail.com https://www.blissworkout2001.com/プラナバシャヨガ/
Kateřina Nováková katerina@jogapruhonice.cz  
Juliette Nicolotto juliettennn@hotmail.com  

Marion Salengro

Julia Maurer juli_m@gmx.at  

 Please Note:-

  1. The practitioner can opt for our Back Bending and overall flexibility development course only after four weeks from the commencement of the Teacher training course.
  2. After the successful completion of the TTc, the practitioner cannot opt for the same course again until five years from the date of completion.
  3. If the practitioner decides to withdraw from the teacher training course, they can continue practicing the Prana Vashya Primary series and Pranayama for the remaining duration.
  4. As our main goal is to provide a saturated quality to the practitioners who practice Prana Vashya, the certification is given to only those applicants, who meet the expected standards of the curriculum.
  5. The shala reserves the right to reject/withdraw the certification of the practitioners.
  6. We are not affiliated to any yoga alliance with a strong belief that the effectiveness of teaching comes out from the discipline of the teacher.


Teacher Training Schedule:



TTC batches for the Academic Year 2018-19:-

1. 03/11/2018 (Saturday) to 28/12/2018 (Friday). 

2. 02/02/2019 (Saturday) to 29/03/2019 (Friday).

Course duration- 8 weeks

Course includes:

  • Primary series practice
  • Teaching practice (Learning and practice)
  • Pranayama practice
  • Theory (Yoga, physiology of Yoga) and Explanation of the clinical importance of Yoga asana practice.
  • Nethi Kriya and Trataka learning and practice



Practice schedule: first four weeks

  • Practice: P.V Primary series
  • Practice of Pranayama
  • Sequential Asana practice related to the understanding of the importance of breath which includes the syllabus of P.V primary series
  • Kriya and Theory classes


<05:15   -  07:00
<09:15 - 10:30

<10:45 - 12.30
<10:00 - 11:00

Practice schedule: second four weeks

  • Practice: P.V Primary series>
  • Pranayama practice>
  • Practice of Teaching Techniques>
  • Self practice as recommended by the teacher
  • Kriya and Theory classes>



<05:15 - 07:00

<11:30 - 12:00
<10:00 - 11:00

Only the teachers listed in the Prana Vashya Yoga web site are authorized and certified to use the name and teach PVY. This is to maintain the integrity of PVY and for the protection of its practitioners.