Shala Etiquette

For the benefit of all, we ask all practitioners to kindly observe the following:
• All the courses are for a minimum of Four Weeks duration.
• Be present at the shala 5 minutes before the starting prayer; latecomers will not be entertained for the session.
• Dress code: Men- Round neck T-shirts and shorts. Women- Round neck T-Shirts and shorts or tights.
• The shala is a temple. Arrange your foot wear properly and neatly before entering into the shala.
• If you have hired a bike or a cycle for transportation, please lock it before you enter the Shala. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your vehicles.
• The practitioners are requested to observe MOUNA (absolute silence) in the shala premises.
• Do not disturb the class atmosphere for any reason. Switch your cell phones off. Using cell phones inside the Shala is strictly prohibited.
• No liquids in between and during practice.
• Ask questions regarding the practice with Acharya (teacher) only after Shavasana at the end of your practice.
• Do not miss the classes other than for a genuine reason. Students cannot be reimbursed or credited for missed classes.
• Notify us about your final class prior to that date.
• Be diligent in your practice and be prepared to work hard with dedication.
• We expect your active interaction in all the activities of the shala.
• Trial classes are not available.
• PVY is a powerful and effective yoga whose benefit can be profound if practiced properly. Neither the PVY shala nor Vinay will be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage incurred due to the negligence of the practitioners.


Prana Vashya Yoga Shala,