Primary series

Prana Vashya Primary Series

Prana Vashya primary series is a sequence which includes 60 asana and is performed in a flow manner utilizing Prana Vashya Vinyasa krama in between specific asanas to ensure continuity and attention in the breath of the practitioner.

A practitioner at any level can take up this course. A practitioner who is flexible and has the capacity to accomplish all the postures shall work upon making his alignment, mobility & breath stronger, where as a beginner who has less awareness over the physical body and finds it hard to perform the postures shall be provided with variation of alignments which help them to develop flexibility and physical awareness or control in a short period of time.

To ensure progression in the practitioners’ sadhana, the Prana Vashya secondary series shall be introduced to the pupil who performs primary series with good breath control and asana accomplishment.

Acharya Vinay ji is not against any system of practice. He admires the intelligence behind the different approach towards asana practice. He believes that it is not the system but the response and stimuli rate between the student and the teacher is what brings progress in the practitioner.

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