The Shala works with a goal of changing all aasana practitioners into yoga practitioners by motivating them to continue Pranayama practice in their regular routine along with Yogasana practice.

   Every individual sets into the journey of yoga observing asana to be the main part of it. While practicing asana, his assumption about his existence only in the physical body will make him materialize the benefit of the practice confining his awareness and development to the physical status only. If his intention is to learn yoga in its abstract, true form he will have to forego his awareness limit from the body and expand it to the vastness of mind. Pranayama is an approach which helps the practitioner experience of his existence beyond the physical limits. Where he learns to develop control over the various patterns of mind and their tendencies.

   The Pranayama course at pranavashya yogashala intends to provide a strong foundation and awareness related to the importance and practical application of breathing technique (increasing or extending the level of pranic energy) in the path of yoga.

The Pranayama course at the Shala starts with an introduction to the basic foundation of Pranayama and the intensity (basic non retention or retention Pranayama) of the practitioner is decided.

   Acharya Vinay Kumar has been practicing Pranayama since 21 years. He is one among the sought after teacher for Pranayama practice. It is found that practitioners who tend to practice twice a day or whose physical engagement in their regular life is high find it easy to cope with the physical exhaustion or energy demand very easily maintaining Pranayama practice.

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