Prana Vashya

Prana Vashya Yoga


“Pranayama is such an essential part of yoga, I focused on its relationship to performing the asana and discovered that the asana actually follows the breath and not the other way around if done properly with full awareness. Prana Vashya follows the breath instead of following the movement and maintains the rhythm of the breath throughout the practice. Through breath control, Prana Vashya keeps the attention fixed on the asana, not allowing the mind to wander. Utilizing Kumbhakas (breath locks) in certain movements while performing asana and vinyasa has a very powerful and dynamic effect that develops intense stamina Physically, Physiologically and Psychologically.

This developed capacity can be drawn from the mat and taken into life.” says Yogacharya Vinay Kumar M.P.

"Prana means Life. Now let us think what LIFE is. Life or Living refers to being present not just physically but being conscious about it. Where does this consciousness (awareness) come from? Or where is the source of this genuine capacity? It is definitely from the Prana which prevails in the body which at a basic level supports the individual to understand the surroundings and his capacity, correlate them and respond to various biological and psychological stimuli. It is the root of life which permits a being to remain conscious. (Being unconscious means the loss of "Pragna" or consciousness and not Prana.)

Vashya means “To control”. Control here does not refer to restricting the flow of energy but it means to regulate and channelize the same into a more useful form. Hence Prana Vashya approach is an approach which helps the practitioner to recognize his own physical and psychological capacities and develop them in a positive way. It is the approach which controls the Life or our Lifestyle. The way in which we live decides how happily we live and how long/healthy we live.

Prana indicates its existence by influencing the organism to breath. This is the only and "partly" voluntary influence. Hence Prana Vashya Yoga considers breath as the key channel to direct the consciousness towards the prana. The Yoga asana practice aims at being aware of or controlling the breath and being controlled by the breath to influence and assist the Physical movements in the initial stage and eventually developing this awareness towards the basic supporter of breath or developing control over one's own life.