Back Bending, Flexibility & Strengthening Course

This is the course which is on the highest demand in Mysore.

Practitioners who are practicing under the guidance of various teachers and various system are brought together under one roof for the practice with Acharya Vinay Kumar in his famous back bending class.

Spine enhancement and flexibility:- A unique and highly specialized package of therapeutic exercises which provide a safe yet dynamic development in flexibility and back bending. The practitioner learns to perform advanced and demanding postures with increased flexibility and ease.

The back bending and flexibility development course has no sequence of asanas. The practice focuses on each student individually. The practitioners will be given sequences of asanas depending upon their physical requirements which help to reduce rigidity in the muscles and increase their flexibility. This is not a flow practice. The practitioner will be allowed to relax in between every posture and feel the effect. Several advanced postures will be broken down to suit the practitioner's needs and thereby by increasing his performance as a whole. Vinay's techniques followed in this approach are well known to be stress busters and also help in increasing oxygen to the body.
Muscle strengthening and development:- These techniques serve as the procedures to strengthen and develop the core muscles of the body and thereby ensuring consistency in the structure and the positions accomplished. The increased proprioception experienced during the practice of this technique will help the practitioner to increase his capacity to focus and train him to perform the balancing postures with ease. This is also used as therapies for those who suffer from joint instability and muscle injuries.
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