About Vinay

Prana Vashya Yoga was developed by renowned yoga champion Vinay Kumar of Mysore. Vinay began practicing Hatha yoga at the age of seven and soon moved into Ashtanga practice. After a few years, he started entering and taking top awards in numerous yoga competitions in Mysore, Karnataka state, and finally winning All-India and Champion of Champions competitions many times over

During this time he began to push the envelope and experiment with different applications and after a few years Vinay discovered that he had actually developed a dynamic new form of yoga he was later to call Prana Vashya Yoga. This was all before he was even twenty years old!

He completed Graduation in the field of psychology with the goal of bringing about a new approach towards the behavior of an individual, in his teaching which could help bringing a positive change in the practitioner's lifestyle.

He is well known for his unique teaching-approach to each student individually depending upon his/her capabilities.

In addition to the Prana Vashya Yogasana series and Pranayama, Vinay has developed a unique and powerful approach to

(1) Spine enhancement and flexibility. These techniques are a unique and highly specialized package of therapeutic exercises which provide a safe yet dynamic development in flexibility and back bending. The practitioner learns to perform advanced and demanding postures with increased flexibility.

(2) Muscle strengthening and development. These techniques serve as the procedures to strengthen and develop the core muscles of the body and thereby ensuring consistency in the structure and the positions accomplished. The increased proprioception experienced during the practice of these technique will help the practitioner to increase his capacity to focus and learn to perform the balancing postures with ease.

Vinay's practice techniques are also used as therapies for those who suffer from joint instability and muscle injuries.

Though Vinay is young, he is definitely and "old soul" with an endearing personality. Despite his youth, Vinay has a depth of understanding, maturity, and wisdom that belies..

Titles conferred on to Yogacharya Vinay Kumar M P by various Yoga Associations:

State Awards

  • Yoga Kumara
  • Yoga Kishore
  • Yoga Samrat
  • Purusha Sarvothama (Best of Men)

National Awards

  • Yoga Shakti
  • Yoga Jyothi
  • Yoga King
  • National Yoga Seva Award awarded by Bihar Yoga Association (twice)
  • West Bengal Yoga Association (once)
  • Champion of Champions (five times)