Prana Vashya Yoga

Starting yoga at an early age of 7, and possessing an experience of 27 years of practice and 23 years of teaching, one can still see the same devotion towards practice and teaching in his eyes. Acharya Vinay Kumar is well known for his approach towards breath and synchronized moments for developing flexibility or strength.

Vinay has been approached for varied requirements of practitioners such as learning advanced physical asanas, guidance for Spiritual practice through Pranayama or for therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Over years the Asana Sequencing done or prescribed by Acharya Vinay adhering to specific requirements of practitioners has gained trust and popularity amongst thousands of practitioners who have trained under his guidance so far.

 Prana vashya yoga vinyasa is one among the fruits of Vinay's dedicated practice over years. He can also witness his contribution towards Pranayama, flexibility and strengthening techniques which have earned fame for him all over the world.

Prana Vashya is the new trend of practice which offers equilibrium in terms of flexibility and strength to the practitioners upon anterior posterior and diagonal lines simultaneously maintaining the dynamic approach with the vinyasa krama.

Practice Prana Vashya Yoga for these benefits.

Vinay kumar.